Our dental practice accepts a variety of major dental insurance plans and there’s a great chance that yours is included. Prior to your appointment, if you can provide us with some details about your plan, we’ll check to verify your coverage, just to be sure.

Yes! Great dental health and good oral hygiene habits begin at an early age. Our team understands the needs of your youngest family members. We’re happy to provide high quality dental care for children to help establish a strong foundation of excellent dental health.

The American Dental Association recommends a thorough dental checkup at least every 6 months— even if nothing is bothering you. Many dental problems can sneak up on you without causing pain, but routine exams and early detection can help to keep you healthy and comfortable.

Besides daily brushing and flossing, watch out for hidden sources of acids that can attack your teeth. Frequent sips of sweet tea or diet soda can keep your teeth soaked in cavity-causing acids for hours. Acid reflux and other digestive problems can also increase the acidity in your mouth. Also, medications like antidepressants and ADHD or ADD drugs can put you at risk for new cavities by reducing your salivary flow and making you more vulnerable to plaque acids. Fight cavities by limiting your intake of carbs and acids—especially in drinks—and rinsing your mouth with water throughout the day. IMPORTANT: cavities don’t always hurt! Visit the dentist regularly for a cavity checkup.

Mature adults are more active and vibrant than ever. With Facetime and Zoom chats becoming the new norm, we always want to look our best—and age is no longer a factor. You’re never to old for a youthful smile! Cosmetic dental work can be age-appropriate and uplifting. Dr. Helton offers a wide variety of cosmetic dental options for patients of every age.

The average age range for wisdom tooth extraction is between 17 and 23. However, these third molars can be removed earlier or later, depending on your unique growth and development. Generally, we know that surgical procedures like tooth extractions are safer, easier, and more predictable when performed during the teens and 20’s.

Dental implants are perfect for adults with missing natural teeth, good general health, and healthy jaw bone support. These replacement teeth are an ideal alternative to removable teeth and fixed bridges.

Chipped and broken teeth or fillings could indicate a clenching or grinding problem. This typically occurs during sleep, when you are unable to control your habits, but can lead to serious dental damage. Damaged teeth can also be the result of an unbalanced bite pattern, which can be corrected with aligners or braces.

Come see us! Fear of pain, fear of bad news, and fear of judgement keeps millions of adults away from the dentist every year. We’re a caring and compassionate team, led by an extraordinary dentist, and we’ve created a dental office environment that is welcoming and safe. We aren’t here to judge you—it’s simply our pleasure to help you feel better. Do this one thing for yourself—call us today!