Speciality Dentistry

Advanced and Specialty Dentistry

Beyond routine or general dentistry, there are several specific dental conditions that require very specialized treatments. Many of these specialized procedures can be completed here in our office. However, Dr. Helton has built strong relationships with a network of dental specialists in Hickory to ensure that you have access to the highest level of care, no matter the complexity of your dental needs.

The most common dental specialties include:


Periodontal treatment involves the tissues that surround and support your teeth, such as the gum tissue, connective fibers, and bone. Gum disease treatments, deep cleanings, treatments for receding gums, preparations for dental implants, and aesthetic gum tissue procedures all fall within this category.

Oral Surgery

Surgical procedures involving the mouth, head, neck, and face can be performed by a dentist or an oral surgeon. Wisdom teeth extractions are the most popular oral surgery requests, but other surgical needs can be addressed as well. Dental implant preparation and placement, oral cancer removal, TMJ procedures, sleep apnea surgery and general tooth extractions also fall within this category.

Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)

The nerve tissue inside each tooth is vulnerable to infection and trauma. This typically occurs in response to a deep cavity or a serious injury but can also occur for no known reason. To relieve pain and to avoid tooth loss, a root canal procedure may be necessary. This involves cleaning the inner surfaces of a tooth to eliminate infection, then sealing and protecting the tooth with a dental crown for added strength. Other endodontic procedures include retreating old root canals, testing teeth for vitality, and internal bleaching for non-vital/discolored teeth.


This part of dentistry focuses on a healthy relationship between your teeth and jaws. A balanced bite and properly aligned jaws can extend the lifespan of your teeth and reduce your tendency to clench or grind. Healthier tooth alignment can also help you to chew more comfortably and maintain better oral hygiene. Traditional braces and clear aligners for both children and adults of all ages fall within this category.

Which Dental Specialty is Right for You?

Comprehensive dental care can require a combination of multiple dental specialties and procedures. Dr. Helton’s job is to guide you and advise you on the procedures that are best for your unique dental needs. He’ll also help to coordinate your treatment with outside specialists if the need arises.

It’s your smile, but our team is invested in it, too! We’re here to help from start to finish. The first step is to contact us for an appointment today. Call now.